Camp Danzan-Ryu 2017 Instructors

Please Note: Bring safety gear and weapons appropriate for each class. Some weapons will be available for purchase from vendors onsite durign camp.

Kid's Classes

Teen's Classes

Adult's Classes

Weapons and Workouts

Lecture / Healing Classes

Kid's & Teen Classes

Master Nikki Alayra
Kid's - Tae Kwon Do

Shihan Randy Smith
Teen - Weapons

Shihan Dennis Dias
Kids - Judo

GM Graciela Casillas
Teen - Self Defense

Renshi Christopher Woo
Teen - Muay Thai

Professor Denise Gonzales
Teen - Krav Maga

Shihan Anne McCabe
Kid's - Boxing

Teen - Kenpo in the Pool

Sensei Ron Vizansky
Kid's - R-A-W Power - I am not a Target

Master Nito Noval
Teen - Eskrima

Sensei Selena Boggs
Kid's Jujitsu

Teen - Ground Fighting

Sensei Mark Quesada
Kid's - Cardio Combat

Teen - Ground Fighting

Sensei Marty Springer
Kid's/Teen - Photography Scavenger Hunt

Adult Classes

GM Graciela Casillas
Commonality in Training - Transitioning from Weapons to Empty Hand

Shihan Tatiana Deeff
Sport Injuries - When is it ok to Return to Training

Master Nito Noval
Doce Pares Eskrima

Sr. Grand Master Robert Maschmeier (Guest)
Master Angela Lee
Qi Gong - Enhancing your sensitivity to Qi to anticipate your opponents moves

Professor Tony Janovich

Sensei Meredith Gold
R.A.W Power - Surprise Attacks (Women Only Class)

This class will focus on the very common predatory ways in which women are assaulted.
16 year and older

Grand Master Cliff Stewart

Shihan Bob Cook
Goju Karate

Muscle Testing for Pain Relief

Sensei Marty Springer
High Speed Photography - How to Capture that "Demo"

Night Photography

Professor Denise Gonzales

Mark & Kayti Quesada

Sensei Kayti Quesada

Shihan Randy Smith

Professor George Arrington
Internal Boxing

Professor Mike Belzer
Compare & Contrast

Training methods using video footage of "Attacks caught on tape" and Drills & Techniques from the martial arts

Renshi Terry Woo
Taiji - Wu Style

Sensei Robert Hodge
Intro to Foil Fencing

This is a hands on class where participants will have the opportunity to work basic movements and attacks.
(Instructor has some equipment for loan)

Professor Janice Okamoto