Camp Danzan-Ryu 2019 Instructors

This is apartial list of confirmed camp staff members

Please Note: Bring safety gear and weapons appropriate for each class. Some weapons will be available for purchase from vendors onsite durign camp.

Kid's Classes

Teen's Classes

Adult's Classes

Weapons and Workouts

Lecture / Healing Classes

Shihan Tatiana Deeff

Master Nikki Alayra

Sensei Marty Springer

Shihan Dennis Dias

Professor Denise Gonzales

Sensei Ron Vizansky

Grand Master Graciela Casillas

Sensei Selena Boggs

Professor Mel Cansibog

Sr. Grand Master Robert Maschmeier
Master Angela Lee

Shihan James Armstrong

Sensei Meredith Gold

Grand Master Cliff Stewart

Professor Scott Merrill

Shihan Bob Cook

Professor Tony Janovich

Grand Master Laura Armstrong

Professor Mike Belzer

Hanshi Zosia Gorbaty

Grand Master Chaka Zulu

Shihan Randy Smith

Renshi Terrence Woo

Renshi Christopher Woo

Professor George Arrington

Professor Janice Okamoto