Camp Danzan Ryu 2024 Instructors

This is a partial list of confirmed camp staff members

Please Note: Bring safety gear and weapons appropriate for each class. Some weapons will be available for purchase from vendors onsite during camp.
Kid's Classes
Teen's Classes
Adult's Classes
Weapons and Workouts
Lecture / Healing Classes
Shihan Tatiana Deeff
Morning Stretch Therapy Exercises

Addressing tight muscles, warming up joints, and getting your body ready for the day of training.

Sports Taping
Shihan Dennis Dias
Kid's Judo
Professor Denise Gonzales
Chokes and armbars

Demonstrating and using basic and technical submission applications to be used for ground/grappling training.

Escapes and Turn Overs

Demonstrating escapes from mat holds and using counters to turn opponents over to get the advantage.

Grand Master Graciela Casillas

Foot & Hand work

Sticks and Knives
Sensei Selena Boggs
Kid's Escrima
Teens's Escrima
Master Angela Lee
Shaolin One Finger Qi Gong

Horse Stance, Sitting Position, Dragon Stance; Review uses for qi in fighting and healing Q and A while standing in horse stance/ sitting. If time a qi demo on feeling qi

Sound Bathing

You will be treated to a sound bathing session filled the OHM tone to the Heaven tones for better sleep and helping to remove blocks in your cells and body.
30 minutes.

Participants may need to bring something to lay on

Shihan James Armstrong
Kung Fu

Forms and showing the applications for the movements

Shihan Bob Cook
Irish Stick Fighting
Situational Awareness – Anti-Bullying
5 Secrets of Goju
Professor Tony Janovich
Guns, Knives and the Law
Grand Master Laura Armstrong
Palo Palo

This traditional short/medium range system is unique in its striking and applications. The palo palo or paddle is designed to be used by women - traditionally washerwoman - using a powerful set of striking patterns that target parts of the body to maximize effectiveness and neutralize opponents


This class will cover:

  1. Intuition – Awareness
  2. Safety with Strangers
  3. Asking for Help
  4. Behaviors and What they Mean
  5. Boundaries with People we Know
  6. Skills and Drills – Physical Techniques, Targeted Striking and Getting to a Safe Place
Sensei Ben Cansibog
Nage no Kata (throwing arts) - Kids

Nage throws focusing on uses of height and weight imbalances between partners

Sutemi- Kids/Teens

Gymnastics and Falling arts from basics to flips, small adjustments to improve form and balance.

Randori - Teens

Competitive practice using throwing techniques. Throw types are limited for safety. Setups and theory.

Shihan John Del Vecchio
Sport Jujitsu

Combinations Teens / Adults

Sr. Grand Master Skip Hancock
Defend against being Locked or Choked

Train the 4 most important principles to defend against being Locked or Choked.

Mastering the 1st Point of View.

There are 3 Points of View to every situation.

Shihan Christopher Woo
Muay Thai
Sr. Grand Master Robert Maschmeier
Ambassador of Kajukenbo
Professor George Arrington
Morning T'ai-chi

This is low-impact exercise to develop awareness and energy flow. Participants will learn both solo and pair exercise.

Danzan Ryu Yawara

This is the basis of Jujitsu self-defense techniques. Participants will learn a variety of grab escapes and fundamental joint locking techniques.

Professor Janice Okamoto
Tessen and Vital Points

drawing from the traditional use of the weapon and being able to use the techniques with everyday materials available.