The History of Camp Danzan Ryu

Dave Fairfield and Ron Beatty founded Camp Danzan Ryu in 1984 to honor the memory of Professor Henry S. Okazaki and to keep alive his spirit of Ohana and Kokua.

It is appropriate that works describing Kodenkan-Danzan Ryu Jujitsu should be concerned with a man who demonstrated most of the qualities and experiences of the archetype martial artist... such a man was Professor Okazaki. His students described him as stern and silent, a man who used the dojo as a catalyst, transforming his quiet character into a charismatic and often powerful person. It was these qualities that enabled him to establish the framework for today's most widely taught Jujitsu system, Danzan Ryu.

Professor Okazaki was born in Japan on January 28, 1890. At the age of 19, he came to the Hawaiian Islands to live. In 1924, he returned to Japan, touring the country while making an exhaustive study of many systems, visiting some 50 Dojos and acquiring nearly 700 types of techniques. He also studied Katsu and Kappo, and Seifukujitsu. In 1929, he established the Nikko Sanitorium of Restorative Massage, where he earned fame as a Physical Therapist. He developed a system of self-defense Jujitsu and Restoration to achieve a synthesis of the ancient and modern elements Okazaki called Kodenkan Danzan Ryu. There is something wonderful and indefinable about the Okazaki legacy that enables it to penetrate the soul many years after his passing and allows students to live a similar spirit of humility.

Great martial artists covering dozens of martial arts systems, coming to Camp Danzan Ryu from around the world to teach and share all. Two wonderful Hawaiian words, "kokua" meaning to share and "ohana" the Hawaiian word for Family, have come to symbolize the spirit of Camp Danzan Ryu as it continues to gather together Teachers and Students who wish to learn from one another and share being a part of what Professor Henry S. Okazaki created, Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu.

The Founders of Camp Danzan Ryu, Ron Beatty and Dave Fairfield, and Director Janice Okamoto wish you a wonderful weekend of learning a variety of martial arts, and welcome you to join in the "spirit of Ohana & Kokua"!

Trees of Honor

As you walk around you will notice the many flowering cherry trees. Names of Kwanzan, Akebono, and Autumnalis are a few of varieties of Japanese cherry blossom trees that are planted here at Camp Danzan Ryu.

We are humbled to have these trees planted in honor and in memory of the people who have helped make Camp Danzan a wonderful martial arts learning experience for all.

Honor Roll
Prof. John Chow-Hoon In memory, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu.
Ronald O. Beatty In memory, dedicated by the Beatty Family. Founding Member of Mt. Cross
Andy Anderson In memory, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu. Camp Custodian
Prof. Gilbert Tenio In memory, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu
Prof. Juan Eliab In memory, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu
Joan Fairfield In memory, dedicated by the Fairfield Family
Prof. Wally Jay In honor, dedicated by the Alameda HS Jujitsu Alumni
Prof. Sig Kufferath In memory, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu
Bea Hernandez In honor, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu. Camp Cook - retired
Grace Okamoto In memory, dedicated by the Okamoto Family
Prof. Toru Tanaka In memory, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu
Prof. Michael Lynch In memory, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu
Founder Tree In honor of Dave Fairfield & Ron Beatty, dedicated by Camp Danzan Ryu
Memorial Tree In memory, Prof. Lono Ancho, Jim Bustos, Jerry Wasik & Mutsumi Hayashi